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Anjeli Wenk

Interactive Media Design - Graphic Design - Art


I'm  an art student based in Zurich, Switzerland and am currently seeking an apprenticeship in Interactive Media Design or Graphic Design. 

My Work


Oil paintings

The lush, vibrant colors and textures achievable with oils allow me to express my creativity in a way that feels both traditional and endlessly innovative. I started with oils in July 2023 and look forward to exploring this media

Botanicals and Shells
Please click on the individual photos to enlarge

Painting botanicals allows me to capture the intricate beauty of nature, celebrating the delicate details that often go unnoticed.  I love to paint the curves and play f light on the petals.

Pen and Ink

Pen and ink is a difficult medium and because it is permanent, this is a challenge that I enjoy.  One of my favourite works of art is the tram drawing, I liked the two figures, mother and son, and the relationship of the way they were sitting in the tram. I also found a love of architecture, and depicting it with pen.

The Dancing Ballerina

The dancing figure, trying to capture a moving figure has always interested me.  For this project I  watched and paused a video of a female dancing, each frame I sketched and after many sketches, I used Procreate to create an animation

Black and White
mixed media

through the use of pen, acrylic paint and ink, I have created a 16 piece work of art.  The design flows from piece to piece bringing a calm Zen feel to the art work.  Feel free to zoom in to see the details.


Digitial Art

Utilizing digital tools such as a stylus, digital painting software, and various digital inking techniques, I've crafted a collection of digital art pieces.

Still life and alcohol ink

here I have used many different mediums, such as acrylic paint, colour pencil and alcohol ink.  These are new mediums for me and I continue to explore the versatility.